Monday, May 28, 2012

Fruit Tree Update - Late May

All of our fruit trees, save for the Elberta Peach twig, have been in the ground for two months now and the twig has been in the ground for a little over one month.  The Goldhaven Cherry twins did not fruit this year, but have lovely, deep green foliage.  The Methley Plum tree also did not fruit, but is showing pretty lighter green leaves. 

<-- Goldhaven Cherry twins (beehives in the background)

Methley Plum tree -->

Some exciting news is that the peaches on the Redhaven Peach tree are growing very well.  Check out these young, wonderful, fuzzy fruits!

The really great news, though, is that the Elberta Peach twig is showing signs of life!  Check out this little budding leaf!

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