Friday, July 6, 2012

Beekeeping; A Family Affair

Chief, our middle son, donned his bee suit and helped out his daddy at the beehives.  Here he is, learning how to use the frame tool to pick up a frame with Daddy's close guidance.

Daddy was very patient and explained the process as he went. 

Chief watched carefully as Daddy used his hive tool

and checked frames.

He was able to see up close the bees drawing out comb.

They looked sad to leave when they were finished!

A Healthy Frame
So, what are these guys looking for on those frames?  Our "bee guy" was kind enough to mark this image of one of our frames, showing brood, open nectar/honey, and capped honey:

Bee Gear for Children
I looked high and low for bee gear for kids.  Many bee supply dealers sell one or two things for children, often a canvas jacket and hood.  I was very happy when I found a ventilated suit like Daddy's in children's sizes from Pigeon Mountain Trading, which has the most extensive line of bee wear I have seen in one place for children.  (Check the left navigation panel for "Children's Bee Wear" and "Children's Ventilated" to see all the children's bee wear Pigeon Mountain Trading has to offer). 

Not only that, but Pigeon Mountain Trading also sells adult ventilated bee suites much like the Ultra Breeze suits, but for about $100 less!  You can purchase regular canvas gear, but we prefer the ventilated gear, especially with the incredible heat we have been experiencing here.  It is far more easy to get overheated in the canvas suits and the ventilated suits provide excellent protection. 

In the images above, Chief is wearing size small gloves from another company.  We have since gotten him a pair of XS sized gloves from Pigeon Mountain Trading that fit him much better. 

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