Monday, June 25, 2012

Kids - No, Not Children, Goatlings!

We have added to our farm!  Get a load of these adorable baby goats!  I can now say honestly that I have six "kids" now that we've added these two darlings.

Meet, from left to right, Stormy, Snowy, and their momma, Lulu.  We expected to go see the babies and put a deposit on them, then pick them up in August when they were fully weaned, but how can you see these adorable babies and not want to take them home with you??  The sellers offered to let us buy them with the mom and bring them home the same day.  How could I possibly say, "no"??

 Just look at these sweet girls.  They melt my heart.

We got goats primarily for milk.  Lulu is an Alpine, which is a good milk producing breed and their father was a Nigerian Dwarf, which is also a good milking breed.  Both breeds tend to have good temperaments and this bunch has been very sweet.  Snowy is a little shy and is a momma's girl, but Stormy has all the confidence in the world and loves to be friendly.  I'm just tickled that we were able to get these gals and bring them home already.

The latest conundrum is that the chickens and guinea fowl have decided they do not want to share the barn with goats and have decided the tree outside the fence is preferable.  Bird brains!

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