Friday, June 29, 2012

Farmstead Fun - Duct Tape

What do we farm kids do for fun?  Why, we make boats with cardboard and duct tape, of course!

This is one slick boat!  Our eldest (11) put this together and it floated great!  He discovered that a bit of water got under the tape at one spot, so let it dry and fixed it.  He was proud of his creation and named it "Wolf" prior to its maiden voyage.  He later lamented having added the flag, noting that it made the vessel unbalanced.  That's some advanced duct tape boat engineering, right there!

My daughter (10) has her own strengths, but duct tape boat making is just not her forte.  She seems to think in two dimensions rather than three.  I have seen this tendency in other projects of hers, too.  I find it curious and intriguing.

 Our two youngest (9 and 7) worked together on a design similar to their big brother's, complete with three dimensions, flappies, and a pointy front.  This is a fine piece of amateur duct tape boat work. 

Hrm, it seems I need to purchase more duct tape.

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