Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goaty Goats!

Our little goats are getting big, but they still love to have fun and romp around.  They have taken over the workbench and storage dresser in the barn.

Stormy loves hopping from the dresser to the workbench.  Snowy is quick to follow.

Fly, little goat, fly!

 Look at those horns coming in!

Here are a couple of amateur videos shot by the kiddos (the first is current and the second is of the goaties when they were smaller):

We have started milking Lulu, but it is a learning process.  The first time I tried it, my hands tired quickly.  A small grip is required and is not a position I find my hands in often, so I have been strengthening my hands with a foam grip ball.  This seems to be effective for improving my own ability to milk her. 

Still, Lulu does not like to be handled.  We have tried using hobbles with her, but she still moves around a lot.  I will try a modified hobble that attaches her leg to the stand and see if that settles her.  We feed her in the stand, but she eats very quickly.  We find that adding some gravel to her dish slows her down a bit, but not enough to get a decent amount of milk by a milkmaid who hasn't found her rhythm yet.

More practice is needed!

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