Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lots of Edible Incredibles

Welcome to my toaster oven.  I like my toaster oven.  My old toaster oven was small and would fit that one muffin pan only.  This toaster oven holds more and hasn't tried to burn my house down.  I like it.  It can rotisserie, broil, bake, toast, and there is even a little griddle at the top under the lid where I can fry a sunny side up egg.  Not only that, but I do not have to fire up my ginormous oven to cook a decent meal.  There is so much wasted space and energy in those darn things!  See that thing on the left of the image?  Yea, that's my range/oven.  We call that the "inconveniently not flat counter" because we prefer our grill and toaster oven.  But enough about my toaster oven, check out those eggs!

You may remember my scrambled egg muffin recipe (which is basically baked scrambled eggs) from a previous post.  That's what is in that muffin pan on the left in my toaster oven.  What's that on the right?  Why, those are eggs, silly!  Didn't you know you can "hard boil" eggs in the oven?  Baking intact eggs is technically not boiling since we use no water, but the results are the same.   325 for about 30 minutes (which is about as long as it takes to get the water in a big pot boiling) gives a nice result.  Adjust the time accordingly if you like your eggs softer or harder.  The scrambled egg muffins can go in for the same time and temp, making the most of the oven space.

FYI, the "hard boiled" baked eggs will "sweat" a smidge.  They do this in boiling water, too, but you don't see it because it comes off in the water.  It is nothing to be alarmed by.  Enjoy your eggs!

Did I mention that I like my toaster oven?

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