Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mischievous Kids Trouble Mom

Lulu has decided she likes the back deck, which really isn't a surprise considering the vines and impromptu trees growing all around it. What is a surprise is how early she gets up to browse and all the noise she makes clamoring on and off of the deck. Apparently, she's our new alarm clock. When I rolled out of bed, I took Kyla, our German Shepherd, out on the other side of the fence and Lulu always watches from a distance as I tell the dog what to do. She hadn't come up on the deck until yesterday because the dog would bark at her from the house, but I have been working with Kyla to shut her up.

So, this morning I went out to feed Lulu on the deck and she was fussing at her kids when they wouldn't follow her up there. They still like to stay in the barn. I swear it was like she was telling me the kids never listen. She didn't go back for them like she has been doing since she got here, she just hung out with me. She started drinking some icky water in a bucket on the deck, so I had a kid (one of mine, not one of hers) bring some fresh water out there and while I had the door open, Lulu and Kyla met. Lulu didn't run. She chuffed threateningly at the dog and tried to come into the house! I felt like I was abandoning her when I came inside and didn't let her come in, too!

Lulu's kids like to play hide-n-seek with her and get her all riled up when she can't find them. They run into the barn and hide under the workbench that contains the chickens' nesting boxes and they refuse to answer her when she calls. She runs around the barn looking for them and bleating and when she can't find them there, she runs to other parts of the yard; her bleats sounding more and more desperate. Those little boogers! When my kids are out there, they show Lulu where her kids are and she settles down. It's so funny!!

I love my goats.

In other news, our middle son (we like to call him Chief) purchased his own bee suit so he can help his daddy tend the bees.  Next week, I will review his bee suit and let you know where to get quality child-sized bee gear.  Also, I will provide an update on the bees themselves.  

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